Candace Nelson of Sprinkles Cupcakes

The cupcake landscape in America was bleak before Candace Nelson and her husband opened their first Sprinkles cupcake shop in Beverly Hills in 2005. Credited with instigating the country’s cupcake craze, it’s now nearly impossible to drive five miles in LA without encountering the bakery’s signature pastries. With Sprinkles shops in 17 locations across eight states, the Sprinklesmobile on LA’s streets…

duke_humfreys_library_interior_6_bodleian_library_oxford_uk_-_diliff Photo Galleries

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Grand Central Market Dining Destinations

Authentic Mexican taquerias and craft cuisine stalls coexist in downtown LA’s Grand Central Market, giving visitors the opportunity to try dishes from a variety of cultures. The market’s reinvention began in 2011 with the opening of Eggslut. Since then, LA’s top culinary talent have been setting up shop in GCM’s historic Homer Laughlin Building, including Valerie’s Confections and Wexler’s…