Turning 30 is a big deal! Many consider it to be the best decade of their life because they have settled financially and emotionally, the perfect balance of freedom and responsibility. It is also a milestone that, in my mind, marks officially being an adult. Our twenties are for having fun and being frivolous and in our forties, we really start worrying about the future, retirement, etc.

I hope that my thirties will bring me a feeling of content, self-assuredness and self-worth that does not depend on the thoughts and opinions of others. I hope it will enable me to let go of the nonsensical chatter of life and focus on the things and people that are truly important. I hope I will learn to live in the present rather than reminisce about the past or think about the future.

In two weeks, I will turn 28, leaving me only two years to do everything I want before I turn 30. This list will of course vary greatly between people, but I will share my personal 30 before 30 bucket list in case it inspires others. Let me know in the comments what’s on your 30 before 30 bucket list or if you’ve done any of my picks! Also, if you could help me accomplish any of these, I will be forever grateful.

30 things to do before turning 30

  1. Learn to eat and enjoy all foods (whether that’s sushi or tripe)
  2. Visit Machu Picchu
  3. See the Northern Lights (from either Iceland, Norway, Finland or Canada)
  4. Finish writing and publish my cookbook
  5. Find a job that fulfills me
  6. Adopt a dog
  7. Pitch and get a travel story approved and published
  8. Go whitewater rafting
  9. Go horseback riding
  10. Develop and maintain a healthy, balanced relationship with food, exercise and indulgence
  11. Read the 30 Books to Read Before Turning 30
  12. Shoot a gun
  13. Fly a kite (because I missed out on this coveted and all-important childhood activity)
  14. Find and get involved with a non-profit organization I am passionate about
  15. Do a boudoir photoshoot (because my body is in its prime and should be celebrated!)
  16. Take a spontaneous weekend trip
  17. See a Broadway show
  18. Learn to cook four of my favorite meals (decide what those are first)
  19. Keep a plant alive/grow a thriving vegetable and fruit garden
  20. Achieve that perfectly uncluttered, yet creative and cozy home atmosphere
  21. Take a creative writing class
  22. Make three new friends
  23. Take five classes to benefit my career
  24. Make sourdough bread from scratch (with my own starter)
  25. Find a type of exercise I enjoy doing (and that isn’t unsustainably expensive)
  26. Learn to drive stick shift
  27. Maintain and enhance Spanish language skills
  28. Learn to be honest and straight-forward and stand up for myself when needed
  29. Have a crazy ridiculous Tokyo experience
  30. Be a contestant on a game show

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