A couple of years ago, I thought it would be a fun idea to make an advent calendar of activities rather than chocolates or gifts. That first year, I loved the way it made me feel to make a gingerbread house or to see the smile on my mom’s face when I randomly brought her flowers. It was such a success that I decided to continue the tradition now that I am married.

Couple's Advent Activity Calendar

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with romantic activities to do as a couple? I was short on time this year, so I whipped up a quick and easy advent calendar jar instead of a full-blown display. All you have to do is cut strips of your favorite holiday wrapping paper, write down an activity of each strip and toss it into the jar or mug. Tie a ribbon around it and you’re set.

Every morning, randomly pick an activity from the jar. Spending time together doing activities and creating things together puts the focus back on what matters this season: bonding with the ones you love.advent-calendar1

For inspiration, here is our list of 25 activities for our couple’s advent jar:

  1. Bake cookies

  2. Pack a thermos of hot cocoa and go to Christmas Tree Lane

  3. Watch a Christmas movie

  4. Buy a fun, holiday-themed Groupon activity to do

  5. Make Christmas cards for friends/relatives

  6. Create an ornament

  7. Head to Trader Joes and splurge on a holiday-themed treat

  8. Decorate a gingerbread house

  9. Go ice skating

  10. Cut out paper snowflakes to hang in the window

  11. Get each other a small gift (under $10)

  12. Try out a new holiday recipe

  13. Light a fire (in bed *wink*)

  14. Have a Christmas music dance party

  15. Start a new family Christmas tradition

  16. Make and eat a very comforting dinner

  17. Make mulled wine

  18. Find a charity that you both love and donate $10

  19. Have waffles for breakfast

  20. Jingle each other’s bells 😉

  21. Buy a puzzle and start working on it

  22. Paint something together

  23. Find a non-profit organization that you both love and register to volunteer together

  24. Make and sip Wassail

  25. Tell each other what you love about each other!

Have you tried a couple’s advent calendar? What are your favorite holiday activities to do as a couple or family?

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